About Golden Kidz…

We believe education is not a one-size-fits-all experience. Every child has different needs and abilities, each learns in their own way and at their own pace. So we designed our program with this philosophy in mind – to empower you with educational options and choices at every age to create the most fitting path for your child. And that trust extends beyond the classroom. Our entire school is designed to ensure that your child’s safety and security remain our top priority. And communication is essential.

With regular updates (including many photos) of your child’s experiences, you can feel comfortable that you are sharing this journey – every step of the way.

At Golden Kidz, we are committed to providing every child with the best possible care and quality educational programming. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in curriculum implementation, employee hiring, and health and safety practices.

We utilize the Creative Curriculum. Creative Curriculum is a proven, research-based program that affords teachers the tools to implement lessons through the probing of “studies” that meet children’s varied interest areas. Through our partnership with this program, we are able to access the best resources to fully execute the Creative Curriculum program.

We look to hire the very best teachers who are committed to nurturing and guiding children to be their best.

We look for experience, skills and characteristics that not only meet state guidelines, but offer the care and encouragement that must be reinforced with children to build trust, and ignite a natural love of learning.

Monthly inspections, conducted by internal quality-assurance experts, ensure each center’s compliance with local and state licensing. Standard health and safety policies and procedures are reviewed on an ongoing basis, and updates are made as required.

Providing the perfect environment for exploration and growth, our whole-child approach to education fosters a love of learning that will last a lifetime. We engage young minds through play and hands-on, creative activities to prepare children for success in school through the development of a strong academic foundation, plus physical, social and emotional skills.

  • Low teacher-child ratios ensures personal attention and responsive care
  • Teachers certified to meet state and local requirements
  • Music, dance/movement and art programs are incorporated to encourage creative expression
  • Computers to promote technology skills

A healthy child is a happier child, ready to participate and more able to learn and grow in social skills. Mealtime is an important time for development of social skills. Hot, nutritious meals are prepared daily. Our menus are posted so that you can be assured that all nutritional guidelines have been met.

  • Health and hygiene standards are strictly enforced
  • Well-equipped commercial kitchens prepare USDA, kid friendly menus
  • Accommodations are made when there are specific dietary needs regarding allergies
  • Equipment and toys are routinely sanitized
  • Parent communication when children are sick

Knowing that we care for every child as if they were our own, parents show trust in Golden Kidz. In addition, our visitor access policies, open facility design, and classroom equipment, our owners are on site. This reflects our commitment to give you true peace of mind.

  • Our hiring policies adhere to state requirements inclusive of background checks and references
  • Open classrooms and large windows provide visibility
  • Centers use commercial buses, not vans, for transportation. All buses have seat belts for additional safety
  • We have fire sprinklers in our buildings to keep the children as safe as possible


At Golden Kidz, we believe the best way to help your children succeed — in school or in life — is to teach them to be creative, confident thinkers. We have recognized the importance an effective curriculum plays in your child’s overall development.