After School An Engaging and Fun School-Age Program

School-age kids age 6-12 want to feel all grown up, yet they still crave comfort and security. So instead of just daycare, our child care program is designed to support their increasing interest in sports, art, music and more, both before and after school.

Our Program Includes:

  • Weekly Investigations — These investigations take place over several meetings. From learning secret codes to figuring out how many whales would fit in their school, these are fun, interesting and educational.
  • Room Enhancements — Teachers rotate in new material every week to keep the environment fresh and exciting.
  • Songs and Chants — School-agers are encouraged to share in these songs that incorporate rhythm, movement and humor.
  • Book Kit — A number of school-age appropriate books will be explored throughout the year with discussion and activities based on them.

Teachers provide a balance of organized and self-selected activities, all in a positive, supportive atmosphere.

Whether relaxing, doing homework or having fun with friends, children thrive as members of our after school program. And you’ll have peace of mind knowing your child is safe and having fun.

We also encourage you to come in and see us in action. Schedule a tour today.